Internal Deep Cleaning

Keeping your premises looking their best

Internal deep cleaning for the inside of your premises

At Diamond View, our specialist deep cleaning services offer a comprehensive range of internal cleaning services across a range of different environments and properties. From skirting board to ceiling, our internal deep cleaning services will leave a lasting impression.

Interested in internal deep cleaning for your business?

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Carpet, upholstery and soft furnishings

If not treated regularly, carpets and upholstery can quickly become damp and fusty leaving behind a suitable breeding ground for bacteria. Our extensive range of equipment is suitable for both quick carpet freshen-ups as well as deep carpet cleans, eliminating and removing stubborn stains.

We are also well experienced with various upholstery and soft furnishings. Whether you need help clearing up a spillage or you're after a frequent cleaning service, we are here to help.

Hard floor cleaning & restoration

As well as carpets and soft furnishings, we also clean and restore a variety of hard surfaces including, wood, stone and laminate flooring through the use of industrial rotary machines. It is not only important to rejuvenate these surfaces from a visual presentation standpoint, but we also can polish, strip and reseal certain surfaces to ensure that they remain in top condition for an extended period of time.

General deep cleaning

Our specialist cleaning team at Diamond View are experienced and equipped to tackle an extensive range of deep cleaning services, from ceiling to skirting board, leaving no area untouched. Both internal and external, we provide ad hoc services or planned routine cleaning for a range of commercial properties including; offices and factories, sports centres and schools.

High-level cleaning

Through the use of telescopic, camera-guided equipment, we can reach and clean high-level areas from ground level. Designed to keep risks from to a minimum, the latest equipment within the hands of our trained operatives will ensure that those hard to reach areas, that are often too hazardous to get to, are cleaned thoroughly.

Building fabric cleaning

The fabric of a building is any internal or external structure or surface with or without a structural frame. Through the use of high-level access equipment, we can perform any cleaning method that we can carry out at ground level, or up high. Reaching the ceilings and any out of reach area, commonly within large atriums and warehouses.

Internal window cleaning

From standard windows to expansive glass atriums, we are able to thoroughly clean a variety of windows for commercial properties and buildings. We make use of a traditional blade and squeegee application to ensure that internal windows are left sparkling clean with a streak-free finish.

Kitchen deep cleaning

Our Specialist kitchen deep cleaning service ensures that a high standard of hygiene is maintained, creating a bacteria-free environment. We will thoroughly clean all surfaces and areas within commercial kitchens including all commercial ovens and appliances, kitchen units, surfaces and floors.

All of the products that we use are certified food safe and we will also test all relevant surfaces before and after we carry out the deep clean to ensure that all surfaces comply with relevant hygiene legislation.

Air extraction system cleaning

As part of our Kitchen Deep Cleaning service, we can also provide kitchen ventilation and duct cleaning both internal and external, fully compliant with TR19 regulation. While not always visible, grease and dust can build up in the internal air extraction unit, posing serious fire risks. It is, therefore, paramount that this is cleaned regularly to minimise this risk and meet safety requirements.

Builders cleans & sparkle cleans

Following the construction of a brand new property or a refurbished property, we can provide a deep internal clean to ensure that the new property or refurb is presentable. Construction can be a messy job, especially if adequate protection was not in place during the construction process. It is, therefore, important to conduct a deep clean of the property, from top to bottom removing any dust and dirt that may be embedded throughout the property.

Before the property is handed over to the customer, we can then be contracted in to perform a Sparkle clean. In order to leave a lasting impression, we need to ensure that all floors, walls and fixtures are free of any construction dust that may be lingering, and to make sure everything is perfect for the new occupants.

Void cleaning

We work with several local councils to ensure that vacant commercial or residential properties are restored to a lettable standard of cleanliness and hygiene; safely and efficiently. Void premises can often contain hazardous items or potentially present further structural problems if the building has been vandalised or left unattended for an extended period of time. Our team is fully trained to deal with biohazards, such as human waste, drugs paraphernalia and even dead animals.

Access services

As well as cleaning services, we can also offer our expertise and high access equipment to external contractors that require access to hard to reach areas. We can build scaffolding, provide and operate cherry pickers and other mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).