External Deep Cleaning

Leaving a lasting first impression

Deep cleaning for the outside of your premises

With access to the latest equipment, we can provide a fully comprehensive deep clean of any external industrial or commercial property. As well as exterior windows, we can clean facades, UPVC, signage and gutters.

Interested in external deep cleaning for your business?

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Window cleaning

Window cleaning is a cornerstone of Diamond View Cleaning Solutions and over the years we have built our reputation on our ability to provide a specialist, professional window cleaning service for properties of all sizes.

We use a variety of cleaning techniques from traditional window cleaning methods to hydro pure reach and wash. By using purified water, stripped of all impurities, the windows will dry much quicker, leaving behind a long-lasting, crystal-clear finish. We can deploy access equipment including poles, ladders, mobile scaffolding, mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and abseiling to ensure no area is left untreated.

Solar panel cleaning

Data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has found that solar panels can lose up to 25% of their efficiency if they are not cleaned regularly. Leaving it up to rainwater is simply not enough. Solar panels can build up a layer of grime and dust that will eventually green over, minimising the amount of light that can reach the surface area.

Using our reach and wash system, it is possible to clean your solar panels from the ground but through the use of our ground cherry pickers and high access equipment, we can safely and efficiently gain access to any hard to reach solar panels and ensure they are operating at 100% efficiency.

Facade cleaning

The Facade refers to the external front of a building or property, often where the entrance is located. As this is often the first point of contact for potential customers, it is important that this is regularly cleaned to maintain the appearance of the building and leave potential customers with a positive first impression.

Facade cleaning is the process of ensuring that the exterior of any building is clear from dirt, grime, stains and pollutants. The facade is highly prone to the effects of weathering, especially during the winter months. We use a combination of specialist access equipment to ensure the facade is cleaned and maintained thoroughly.

Chewing gum and graffiti removal

Chewing gum and graffiti can be unsightly negatively impacting how people perceive your business, especially if this is close to the entrance of the premises. Vandalism in the form of graffiti can also occur unexpectedly and can often become a frequent occurrence. We use a wide variety of cleaning techniques from anti-abrasive chemical cleaning to deep steam cleaning to deliver a long-lasting, professional finish without causing any damage to the building’s surface.

Gutter maintenance

Ensuring your gutters are clean and free from any debris is paramount to ensure that you do not encounter any potential leaks that can occur as a result of a blocked gutter. In some cases, a blocked gutter can even collapse, causing further financial strain.

Using the innovative Space-vac gutter cleaning system, we can offer fast and effective guttering services for properties up to six storeys high, eliminating the need for ladders and high access equipment. We have a range of access solutions from gutter vacuums operated from the ground to hands-on cleaning using access equipment. As well as reactive servicing we can also offer planned preventative maintenance (PPM) servicing to all surface water guttering.

Signage cleaning

Signage is key to any commercial property. A clear, clean sign is essential in order to leave a lasting positive first impression on existing and prospecting clients. External signage can quickly become dirty, especially if located near a busy road. Exhaust fumes, dust and general weathering can quickly contribute to a sign becoming illegible.

We can use a variety of cleaning methods, such as a traditional “reach and wash” in addition to pressure washing, ensuring that your signage is cleaned thoroughly, leaving a long-lasting impression.

Jet washing

An incredibly effective and time-efficient method to clean a large majority of hard surfaces. Our industrial-grade, commercial pressure washers will effectively remove build ups of moss, algae, and general dirt and grime.

We have all the tools and equipment to operate at ground level through the use of rotary flat surface cleaners to pole systems. Where needed, we can use a variety of high-level access equipment for our trained operatives can clean those hard to reach areas.

Drain maintenance

We have the equipment and expertise to tackle a range of drain maintenance services. Whether you’re looking for a reactive team to service a blocked drain or if you’re looking for planned preventative maintenance (PPM) servicing to surface water drainage systems, we can help. We are able to run through and break down any problem areas that you may be experiencing with your property and put together a maintenance plan to prevent any potential disruption to the daily running of your business.

Steam cleaning

A less aggressive cleaning method than jet washing, steam cleaning is great for cleaning and sanitising softer surfaces. The lower impact water jet will open the pores within a material providing a deeper, long-lasting clean.

Roof cleaning

The removal of waste such as moss and biofilm are essential for keeping your roof leak free and your gutters unblocked. Cleaning will prolong the life of the surface, keeping your roof clean will enable you to identify any potential problems that could be resolved before they become a serious issue.

Access services

As well as cleaning services, we can also offer our expertise and high access equipment to external contractors that require access to hard to reach areas. We can build scaffolding, provide and operate cherry pickers and other mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).