Surveying & Testing

Complete inspection and examination

Comprehensive site surveys to ensure a safe working environment

As we regularly work at high levels, we understand the importance of frequent safety inspections and examinations. With our high-access equipment and industry expertise, we can provide a range of surveying and testing services to ensure that potential risks are easily identified and managed effectively.

Interested in surveying and testing for your business?

Please contact us to discuss how we can offer our range of surveying and testing services for your business or property.

UAV imagery and surveying

We can inspect, examine and offer a complete condition survey and risk assessment of areas that are usually inaccessible. Drones are becoming an increasingly popular method to carry out asset and infrastructure assessments. Our trained operatives are authorised by a CAA approved aviation school allowing us to quickly and safely capture the data required to assess if repair work is needed.

Fragile roof risk assessments

At Diamond View, we understand the importance of carrying out a fragile roof risk assessment. This can be a very dangerous environment with different materials posing different risks when working on a fragile roof. With access to MEWPs, we can visually identify areas that could pose a threat. We can then implement fragile roof caution signage, risk registers and site maps ensuring that the access to the work area on the roof is safe and without risk to health.