Specialist Cleaning

Specialist cleaning

Specialist decontamination cleaning services for hazardous environments

Our Specialist Deep Cleaning is a highly specialist service ensuring that all substance traces are treated and disposed of safely, in a time-efficient manner. All of our team are trained and experienced in dealing with potentially hazardous environments, quickly and safely disinfecting any impacted area. This includes biohazard, decontamination and trauma scene cleaning.

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Bio-hazard & decontamination cleaning

Biohazard cleaning, sewage clean-ups, and human waste removal is a highly specialist service. When needed, it is vital that it is performed safely and that any hazardous materials are cleaned as soon as possible. When left untreated, bodily fluids and hazardous materials can seep into porous material, causing damage to property and creating a long-lasting foul odour.

Our team is highly experienced in dealing with all categories of biohazards and through the use of fogging, we can safely and effectively sanitise all affected areas.

Flood & fire damage cleaning

Responding to emergency situations efficiently is key. Whether that's responding to a flood or following a fire, we must respond quickly to avoid further loss or damage to property. We are experienced with several processes to deal with a variety of challenging environments.

We can remove surface water, sanitize the area, and leave dehumidifiers at the property to remove the after-effects following a flood. With fire-damaged properties, we can perform a deep clean ensuring that ceilings, walls, floors and windows are returned to a level to create a safer working environment for residents or tradespeople.

Needle picks

We offer emergency call outs to remove needles from inside and around premises that can cause any risk to customers or members of the public. Needles and other sharp objects can cause serious harm and potential infections if they were to puncture the skin, therefore, they need to be safely removed in a needle box and disposed of professionally.

ATP testing

Now more than ever, it is incredibly important to validate the cleanliness of commonly touched surfaces and environments. We use ATP testing in order to validate the effectiveness of our cleaning services. It is a quick, effective and accurate method of validating cleaning practices to provide our clients with peace of mind that surfaces have been tested and sanitised thoroughly.

We use ATP testing to test high-risk and high-contact areas. We then provide all of our clients with a full report following our service including a breakdown and the results of our testing.

Trauma scene cleaning

Dealing with a trauma scene can be an incredibly emotional and overwhelming experience. Our highly trained team, certified by the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners are aware and experienced in completing a specialised trauma cleaning service. This can involve the analysis, detection, deep cleaning and complete decontamination of the site. As licensed waste carriers we will safely remove and properly dispose of all hazardous waste from the site.


Properties that are left either unattended or poorly maintained can become infested with fleas, bugs, wasps or any pests and in the worst cases become no go areas. Once we are confident that the area is free from any pests, we will thoroughly clean, sanitise and disinfect any affected area ensuring that the property is once again habitable.